I'm so sad I'm afraid my broken heart will fail. And to know you'll find another girl- makes me want to be impaled. I can't believe I lost you again... Poet, you have to stop, talking to myself... You can't continue to think about this Or you will drown in your own tears. What's the answer? Where's … Continue reading Broken

Daily Prompt: Leaf

Love is like a crunchy leaf in the cooling temperatures of Fall Hanging on for dear life wanting, needing, trying to muster the call Suffering but gripping a branch in the powerful onslaught of relentless wind Sometimes true love can hold on-but sometimes the leaves girth isn't wide enough As it loses its grip, the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Leaf

Daily Prompt: Sting

These broken wings smartly sting but if you listen closely they also sing Songs of sadness, songs of loss, songs that prevent me from paying the cost It must be paid! Wisdom cries out, searching for someone to take the blame. But I have suffered, I've been alone. What more do you want- to share … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Sting

Daily Prompt: Flavorful

  I'll set these flavorful sex tastes on fire after I gaze longingly into that frown And take you in my mouth moving my tongue meticulously up and down Then...there, your lips part into a smile and suddenly you breathe in deeply Inhaling as if needing more oxygen as it's greatly absorbed by your lungs … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Flavorful

Love Lost

I'm somewhere in the in-between of holding on and letting go I'm neither here nor there as my mind ponders what to do If there’s a whole world out there waiting to take my hand It's too bad I can't take control of what's happening in this land. I'm trying to let you go but … Continue reading Love Lost


If I saunter slowly under the moonlit sky will you stop me and swallow me whole? Your sweet presence surrounds me squeezing away any hope I had of escaping I love your warm lips and the feel of your kiss and the way your mouth explores my neck I love your strong shoulders and tan, muscular chest and the way your hands … Continue reading Swallow