Innocent Child 1

Sometimes, when the far, sliver moon is high
I kneel down by my bed and give a soft sigh

With little hands clasped and eyes squeezed tight
I begin to draw close to my savior, Jesus Christ.

My name is innocent child and my maker is God
I thank Him I’ve come this far~

Before I was sent I was in a great place…
peace, love and joy I saw as I looked in His face.

He loves me so much before I’m on earth
He cradles me in His arms and tells me I’m adored.

He says I’m one of the blessed ones cuz my mommy wants me
even though daddy will take off one day.

Times would be hard and money would be tight
But Jesus sends angels to help in the night.

Author: Katestrawberry

I am a published author and writer/editor available for hire. I create abnormal, strange, and sometimes slightly erotic poetry. Crazy Girl. Creative Genius.

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