I feel like I’m taking crazy pills

Fuckin A.

the r3volution

I often feel like the universe never cuts me a break. When I do get a break, everything bad tends to happen all at once; like the universe thought it gave me enough of a break and suddenly decides to unleash all its fury. Pretty much like a ticking time bomb, but I can’t hear the freaking ticking. No warning. No sympathy.

The events of last night (and into the ungodly early-morning hours):

  • Went out to the bar
  • Began driving back to the house
  • On the way home, tire pressure light came on (no biggie, right)?
  • Shortly after, car began vibrating, tire began deflating (fucking great)
  • Get home, tire almost fully flat
  • Call cops because no shops are open at 5 a.m. (embarrassing)
  • Towing company comes and changes tire for me ($55) fantastic
  • Go to Firestone and manage to get a hold of the cheapest tire they can find ($126)

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