She tries to be a good wife
Desperately wants a better life.
Drunk, still stumbling, grabs the keys to her car
Leaving the mansion, Piper hears, “You won’t get far!”
That’s all I really want, muttering to herself
I can’t stop, he doesn’t understand.. hangs me on the shelf.
20 years of marriage, drinking every day
Piper panders to that man-car begins to sway…
The wrong way, a double yellow line
The crash happened in an instant
~Now everything is fine.


Don’t read this!

Yes, my poems seem dark and dreary. One time I tried a happy verse but it didn’t seem to work.  The clouds blocked the sun, the earth began to shake.The time and space continuum collided and NASA locked me up. Then, the CIA got involved and called me a national threat. They flagged my email, spied on my journal and called the President. All the Heads of State met deciding what to do. They put me in orange, cuffed my hands and threw me in Gitmo. So, I no longer write the happy verse and have begun to curse. You should have heard the words that came out-even the terrorists became afraid-and ran from this little blonde girl.