Pouty Lips

It’s a beautiful day
It must be-but who knows.
I’m stuck behind a desk
Smacking my pouty lips.
The sun shines down 
The narrow way and way
Past the Zebra football field
And the sun thinks it knows best-
Where to go and what to do
Upon which elements to shine
Which elements to Shew!
Yes, whatever I please, she agrees.
A woman bounces into the office 
With this funny voice
Her name was Fanny, I grinned. (Betty Boop) How can I help you
My Fanny, today? Trying to hide my chagrinny.
Not my best improvisation 
Of a cute little poem
It seems-what do you think?
Did your mouth turn up or down? 


Author: Katestrawberry

I am a published author and writer/editor available for hire. I create abnormal, strange, and sometimes slightly erotic poetry. Crazy Girl. Creative Genius.

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