Glimmering dim

The house is calm tonight. What light there is, glimmers dim. In a playroom two boys sleep...finally. They talked and they laughed. They left their beds to get a drink-to have a snack, to use the bathroom. Any excuse is fine-as long as they are out of the sleeping position. Out of the sleeping room. … Continue reading Glimmering dim


He kisses me as the morning dew Kisses the tulipsGracefully and lightly-Pureness of natureIt releases the emotionsIn his spiritHis strong arms surround meLike the sunEmbraces the green earth as it risesOver the horizonHis warmth covers me as the cloudsBlanket the birdsFlying high above existence and my feelingsSoar over mountainsReaching higher and further into spaceI explore … Continue reading Dawn


I died when I tumbled over the ledgeI fell or maybe I wandered-off the edgeDid I fall of my own mistake?Or when I flew, did someone force me?  Tell me the truth you always seemTo have wanted me to sleep and dream-Of better days and brighter thoughts-What thoughts are these! Of rocks. It was dark I couldn't … Continue reading Tumbling


 Cradle rocks and baby callsOur ancestor's pictures hang on the wall. Hardwood floors are warm to the touchBreezes tiptoe through cracked windows. A blaze of trees and dead brown leavesPeach trees grow in season. Daffodil filled fieldsSparrows gliding catching the current ~and whispering because baby fell. The cradle stops after years of rockingThe dusty picture hangs crooked. Hardwood floors are cold … Continue reading Abigail