Glimmering dim

dim light

The house is calm tonight. What light there is, glimmers dim. In a playroom two boys sleep…finally. They talked and they laughed. They left their beds to get a drink-to have a snack, to use the bathroom. Any excuse is fine-as long as they are out of the sleeping position. Out of the sleeping room.

But now I hear only the peaceful breath of sleep coming from their room. I walk into another room where the smallest boy lies still-But not for long. When the tummy aches, he’ll wake. He’ll cry out to whatever ears are near for the only thing that calms his soul.

Funny, the way, after a busy day, everything is still. For a moment I look around and wonder what to do. My actions all day are spoken for-Whatever do you need my child? What can I do for you?

But cast an eye on the clock..I know there are few hours left till I must rise and begin again. So, I crawl into  bed quietly hoping against all hope for uninterrupted sleep. I pull the covers over my head. But then softly in my left ear I hear, “Mommy?”



He kisses me as the morning dew Kisses the tulipsGracefully and lightly-Pureness of natureIt releases the emotionsIn his spiritHis strong arms surround meLike the sunEmbraces the green earth as it risesOver the horizonHis warmth covers me as the cloudsBlanket the birdsFlying high above existence and my feelingsSoar over mountainsReaching higher and further into spaceI explore depthMy beloved speaks to me with sweetnessAs honey dewEscaped from darkness and livingIn the dawn.


I died when I tumbled over the ledge
I fell or maybe I wandered-off the edge
Did I fall of my own mistake?
Or when I flew, did someone force me? 
Tell me the truth you always seem
To have wanted me to sleep and dream-
Of better days and brighter thoughts-
What thoughts are these! Of rocks.
It was dark I couldn’t see
But the moon shined light down on me.
You yelled and screamed and grabbed my waist-
Madness in my eyes, you act in haste.
Or was the madness in your eyes and the haste of my action-late?
You made me fall. You did, indeed
You pushed me and I fell with speed.
Once something far away so near
An image seen in the distance but then right here.
In my face slammed the ancient ground
I felt destroyed like prey with hound
And lost my mind when you attacked.
Images became dim and faded to black
How you hover above me close
Crying mad thoughts, I suppose.
The bitter, silent tears I hear
As I look down on you with fear.


Cradle rocks and baby calls
Our ancestor’s pictures hang on the wall.
Hardwood floors are warm to the touch
Breezes tiptoe through cracked windows.
A blaze of trees and dead brown leaves
Peach trees grow in season.
Daffodil filled fields
Sparrows gliding catching the current
~and whispering because baby fell.
The cradle stops after years of rocking
The dusty picture hangs crooked.
Hardwood floors are cold to the touch
The shine replaced with time.
~The ancestor’s come to life and weep because baby fell
A breeze sneaks through the termite infested wall.
~Head in my hands I cry out your name
Now they say I’m insane.