I’m wading in this cold wave coming up for air and diving deep. I can’t feel now but I must keep on- even if you open these wounds that you can’t heal. I’m waiting for the moment of the fury to pass by to be happy and fulfilled. Now it really happens- stillness…do you see what’s … Continue reading Choking


Mother God looked around one dayand saw there was a warit was fought silentlyinside her child's soul Many years of perfectionand majestic Christ-likenessshe went to church and prayed for thisit seemed to matter none Temptation came and took her therefar away from rightto be high and sinless onceher perfect angel fell From a place of freedom specialwonder and … Continue reading Angel

My Biggest Fan

It's true, It's true! I'm my biggest fan. Of a goldfish I have the attention span. I try to read other blogs and I'm sure you all have wonderful thoughts. No, no it interests me not. Then someone visits from Oman. Fascinating...pausing to admire my talents. But, every time I have a notion, construction screams … Continue reading My Biggest Fan


Me, me, wanna be Fancy face and carefree  Oh my, my- with my head held highStiletto heels, showing off these thighs This lady dawned a party dressAnd I'll bite your lips for much less Stuck on thoughts from a former lifeHope you're happy with your hapless wife No, no, no more strifeMice in your pie! Feel my spite! Police carried me … Continue reading Stiletto

Jesus in Prayer

(One of my fave Bible stories and my imagination combined.) Jesus in prayer, quiet and still. I was there and hardly moved. I felt something there, in the air...and then Jesus asked in a different tone, who do the crowds say that I am? I heard them reply, they think you are John or maybe … Continue reading Jesus in Prayer

In search of…

I've lost my pen I promise youThere's no other way to writeTrying to mesh words onto paperIn some form you might like. Stop pressuring me! It can't be done(Poet pauses for a drink)The pen connects to my brainNow I'm missing a vital link. So, the poetry will have to stopI see no other wayDon't know what else … Continue reading In search of…

Crazy Nude

Wanting to sleep this fit of frenzy away Arousing myself and thinking, monotonous motions Performing tasks as a stoic picture, a placid dullness Painting a nude, with an evil stare, crazy and corrupting. Tremoring and tugging, piling pillars of poison air Heaving, leaving a grin, a girl in a crowd Hardening her heart, a smirk … Continue reading Crazy Nude