I’m wading in this cold wave coming up for air and diving deep. I can’t feel now but I must keep on- even if you open these wounds that you can’t heal. I’m waiting for the moment of the fury to pass by to be happy and fulfilled. Now it really happens- stillness…do you see what’s bound up inside of me? It matters not what I think-now I can’t breathe. The water surrounds and won’t let me up-what is that brushing against my leg, oh no a shadow beneath me stays…these moments I’m thinking my last thoughts- about you. My mind becoming blurry as the salty water invades my eyes and mouth-choking me. What about you? Let me have my way with you and cross my path again. Then I bet you’ll understand my position-come on, if you fall like the rest of us do then maybe you’ll believe in humanity. What am I hearing-crashing of the waves against the rocks. Now the tables are turned on you-how sorrowful for you to be without a wonderful dream…terrible pain now I bleed, I’m at the end. But now, I’m humming, a beautiful song fills my soul-as the angels take my hand…

Author: Katestrawberry

I am a published author and writer/editor available for hire. I create abnormal, strange, and sometimes slightly erotic poetry. Crazy Girl. Creative Genius.

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