Emotion waves cascading right before the dawn

Waterfalls are pouring, roars a melancholy song

Dripping, dripping salt tears burn my face

Drowning in the river will ever be my place.



Author: Katestrawberry

I am a published author and writer/editor available for hire. I create abnormal, strange, and sometimes slightly erotic poetry. Crazy Girl. Creative Genius.

5 thoughts on “Cascading”

  1. Right there! Sisterhood! Sorry I went over my thing I don’t know how many times and YOU are on it, so my apologies because you are on it 😉 I actually put a good gentleman on there and realized he’d have to apply to a brotherhood of some sort, so I mist have f’ed up there. Love reading your work, relate so much, apologize for any confusion. Can’t wait to read more!!!!

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  2. I love it, captures the moment perfectly without actually being in the waters drowning feeling the body shut down and the mind accepts and encompasses so much more… how the tables do turn. Its awesome, thanks for leading me to it 😉 Check out’ this woman is made of glass’ . One of may favs since straightening my head if you haven’t alread. Thanks for all your beautiful words!

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