Jesus in Prayer


(One of my fave Bible stories and my imagination combined.)

Jesus in prayer, quiet and still. I was there and hardly moved. I felt something there, in the air…and then Jesus asked in a different tone, who do the crowds say that I am? I heard them reply, they think you are John or maybe Elijah or one of the other prophets of old…

Jesus in prayer, quiet and still, he thought for a moment and hardly stirred. Then he said, but what about you? Who do you say that I am? What do you think? You’re here with me and they are not…and his voice trailed off. Simon, son of Jonah, looked him in the eye, kind of surprised and said, you are the Christ, the Son of God, why do you ask? Have I done something wrong?

Peace be still, Jesus said with a grin. God has revealed…

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My Biggest Fan


It’s true, It’s true! I’m my biggest fan. Of a goldfish I have the attention span. I try to read other blogs and I’m sure you all have wonderful thoughts. No, no it interests me not. Then someone visits from Oman. Fascinating…pausing to admire my talents. But, every time I have a notion, construction screams and picks up the hammer. Then, painstakingly drives. me. nuts! O’, O’ does the world not care? The work of a genius is happening here! Would you interrupt Van Gogh? Oh God! Pleading with you from my soul. On the verge of greatness, yet never quite attaining it. And so, there goes, my narcissism has taken control.

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Dirty Hands

She gripped my hand as she pleaded with her eyes                                                                               If I let go I knew she would die-                                                                                                                   I looked out at the water and up at the sky                                                                                             Then pried her fingers loose, she let out a loud cry…

I looked down at my soiled hands                                                                                                                 What had I done? Wasn’t she my friend?                                                                                                    Every emotion I felt hit me in the end-                                                                                             I dove in with regret clouding my head…

I searched and reached and scraped and fought                                                                                       But, I can’t breathe, was this all for nought?                                                                                           Suddenly, I find her long brown hair and pull                                                                                           With effort, we surface, and her smiling face is blue.