Soul Seeping

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The crazy guy with the creepy eyes is singing me a lullaby

In his head it’s a beautiful melody

I haven’t the heart to mutter… it’s actually a blubbering blunder

He looks down where I lie, his soul seeping, my thoughts meandering

Wondering what wanderlust makes him justify his pondering gaze

Thin lips parted partly allowing the sing-song and drawing a crowd around

My dilated pupils put up at the pinholes in the pink canvas above

Suddenly feeling the soft grass and flowers beneath my bare legs

Awareness…my spirit is leaving my body, and freedom comes with peace.



Billowing clouds overshadow the hot. hot. sun.

Wind going wherever it’s blowing                                                                                                         Turning and twisting weeping willow limbs                                                                                     Brittle leaves complaining loudly                                                                                                           Crunching. Munching. Underneath my toes.                                                                                       Lifting my face becoming a conduit of grace                                                                                   Glance away from me or else you’ll be                                                                                                   Caught up in my nightmare longing to be free.