About Kate

I think most artists, including poets, tend to lean toward crazy and I’ve been called that before. I prefer the terms odd and eccentric. I have 3 grown boys and I’m an entrepreneur with my own growing editing business.

Anyway…about the poetry…

For the best effect read these poems aloud. They are meant to move and be heard. Not to just sit silently on a page. Poetry has claimed me. At the same time-it calms this tormented soul. I love, love, love the sound of words. I love alliteration. I love putting words together and creating a word painting of what I’m trying to convey. The poem may not always make sense in the literal fashion but sometimes it’s the only thing that makes sense in this head of mine.

Please read some of the older poems. Sometimes I think they are better than my new ones. Hope you enjoy and share!

POETRY SOCIETY POSTCARD (Photo credit: summonedbyfells)

You can reach me at Envymewriting@gmail.com

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