Inner Monologue

Why am I not good enough? I don't understand. Except, there's this. I'm not thin. I'm not smart. I don't reach for your hand. I stare at your mouth and then look away- remembering every day. I'm a stupid bitch and a selfish little thing. I can't please you, why do I try? Everything I … Continue reading Inner Monologue

A Single Raven

O' why can't I get out of here! Is it comfort, malaise, or not knowing how to deal? I stare blankly into your eyes and you grasp me firmly in your arms- I scream, let me go! You look away and then turn back with tears- what story line have you dreamed up? This is … Continue reading A Single Raven

Cranberry Lips

Cranberry lips leave a thin line around the rim He doesn’t remove it- thinks it’s hot and I’m fine Wet lips explore his mouth and he tastes me like sweet candy Relishing the intimate moments we’re daring to share In the quiet of the moonlight we take our time to touch To feel his large … Continue reading Cranberry Lips

Daily Prompt, Unravel

Trying to unravel these ravings that ravish my mind tied up as they are in time The dirtiness abounds the cravings become and I try to behave like a normal being Mortal wounds flare up and push me down as I fondle these letters in my soft hands Unraveling feelings until raving and partying ravishes my mind warped in time.


She grips the pillow tightly like someone may come in the room and take it. Not the one under her strawberry blonde hair, of course, but the one her boyfriend lays on. It's comforting this cold night. She listens to the low hum of the fan that's constantly running and that steady droll makes her feel better. There's a loneliness … Continue reading Insomniac