An award, you say..?

I was also nominated!

Yours truly...


So, I really hadn’t a clue that this sort of thing even existed, but I think it is pretty awesome.
I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Prayers and Promises (thank you very much, by the way). I guess this means that people not only read my posts, but that they actually kind of don’t hate them.


There are also rules to accepting this award (naturally), and they are as follows:

  • I must provide a link and give thanks to the blogger who nominated me (done!)
  • I must answer 10 questions
  • I must nominate 10 other blogs that I enjoy reading
  • I must provide links to said blogs and inform the authors that I am nominating them
  • I must include the award logo in my post (BOOM!)

10 Thought Provoking Questions:

  1. Your favorite color?–Boy that’s tough. I’m one of those people who enjoys…

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Lady Lemonade

Lady Lemonade gives what she has
She sits in the parking lot passing out Life
Lady Lemonade appropriates all she can
Life and a smile, Life and a smile on wheels
But people walk by as if she wasn’t there.

No logic involved no mathematical clues
To lead and guide her way through
Just knowledge of what is real-what matters?
“What you say and what you do”
A tape recording in her head doesn’t stop
Though she’s invisible she knows the truth.

Tap, tap, tapping the motion in her head
Continuous drum, drum, drumming on fiery led
She gives what she has to other people who pass
A moment in time slipping away into dread
Will they listen? Will they hear what she said?
Ha! No more acting fucking nice all the time.

She screams out loud as people walk by
Her mouth is open wide but nothing emerges
Holding onto the silver wheels spinning, fly!
What is this life I’m so stuck in this chair
She pulls out her hair and pulls some more
The clumps in her hand come out grey.

Lady Lemonade gives what she can
Life and a smile, Life and a smile on wheels.

God Wondered

Silently God wondered if I could see him up there.
There were twenty-five days until the end of the world
And I, in my resting place, heard that still, small voice. 

I looked around and waited for God 
to tell me I was immoral and insufficient while living life
and taking a chance at the life he gave me

He gave me his Son and whispered in my right ear
What the heck are you doing to me-why didn’t you listen?
Why don’t you think of other people besides yourself?
You have what you will in your planned, messed up life
Your will, my will, are they the same or are they different?

Then a loud voice booms “Now there are fifteen days left
Till the end of the earth-and what have you done
with my Son?”

Hmm…how perfect-
Earth will come to and end and God looks at me, questions my life!

I looked around for God to step in and right the  wrongs
I waited for his vengeance on worse people than me
Thinking God would deal with the shooters that shot those teens
who were praying in a church-
and take vengeance on McVeigh who bombed Murrah and killed those children…

There was nothing though and life continued with people in a rush
Coming and going, birthing and dying
day in day out, day in day out, breathe in, breathe out-

Out of my mouth I heard myself shout-God please right the wrongs!
Where were you when terrorists killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11?

Silently God wondered if I took notice of Him up there
I stood in a field of flowers in a sundress
The clouds were building and brewing…

Then a tunnel opens up from my outstretched hands to God’s throne
I reach for him and I beg and plead with God

I ask him, “What are you waiting for?”

But Silently God wondered if I could see him up there.
Then, there was one day until the end of the world
And I, in my resting place, heard that still small voice.

As I waited for God to right the wrongs
God was looking around and waiting for me
To do something good, to persuade people to his Son.

Come Upstairs

Come upstairs to my room I’ll guide your way to the moon Come upstairs to my room black light will lead the way Tell me a story I can believe Make me trust that thing in you. You came up to my room~ You caught me in your cynicism Lies and loftiness, that crooked smile […]


Before the rain
Clouds gather
Like worries-
Piling up
One after another
The trees start to twist
And animals scurry
Sensing impending danger
The sky turns grayish black

During the rain
It pours
Like tears
Running and running
One after another
Her mind starts to twist
And ideas scurry
Sensing impending danger
The sky invisible
From the cover of water
And darkness

After the rain
Clouds disperse
Wind dies down
Like anger
Sudden relaxation
Of mind and body
The danger is gone
The sky is visible
Color stretches across the horizon.

The End

After I’ve come to the end 
of myself 
And I’ve given you all I can give 
While the showers rain down~ 
My hair runs into a drain on the ground
And a shadow of self is the only sound.

When will you wipe the tears away?
As soon as I kneel down to pray~
or do I wait some more
Must I show you my fears-for my heart is torn

There has to be another way
I’ve tried and tried to no avail
Must I keep praying day after day- or have you heard my voice before? 

My God will see me through 
The remnants of pain left in my soul
My God will help me even if I can’t see it or feel it.

God is always here
My God is always near.