Lost Daisy

I am somewhere else not where I am lost in this daisy atmosphere going up, up, up I was in a good place the other day but now I'm drifting away- too far, too much As if there were no gravity to hold my soul in place and it hurts as it's being torn out The bpd is getting the best of … Continue reading Lost Daisy

The Meadow

I'm breathless, from running in the meadow deep∼while trying to distinguish the weeds from the trees I'm panting, mouth open and pleading for more ∼so restless, still moving my tongue back and forth I'm wanting, from wandering around in the snow∼licking my lips and savoring the cold I'm falling, from slipping on rocks in the brook∼rubbing my thy up and … Continue reading The Meadow


If I saunter slowly under the moonlit sky will you stop me and swallow me whole? Your sweet presence surrounds me squeezing away any hope I had of escaping I love your warm lips and the feel of your kiss and the way your mouth explores my neck I love your strong shoulders and tan, muscular chest and the way your hands … Continue reading Swallow

Good-Bye, Beloved Night

I watched you kill me a thousand times in life∼before you actually made me die and now I write to you from the other side∼to say good-bye, beloved Night. Haunted by your frightening memory and the stormy passion we displayed I'm now lost amidst the abyss of darkness that surrounds me day after day. The black sky rains … Continue reading Good-Bye, Beloved Night

Death Came Calling

Under the surface of the water she lifts her weary eyelids up and peers at the sunlit streaming rays pouring through the waves into her soul. She looks down at her bruised and beaten body-though quite useless at this point As it lays on the ocean floor beneath. Shewing the biting fish away she wonders … Continue reading Death Came Calling