Lost Daisy


I am somewhere else not where I am lost in this daisy atmosphere going up, up, up

I was in a good place the other day but now I’m drifting away- too far, too much

As if there were no gravity to hold my soul in place and it hurts as it’s being torn out

The bpd is getting the best of me driving people I love away- even after he took me back

What kind of a fool am I that my mind torments me so as indelicacy grips my ribs and won’t let go

Will I survive another day to endure more of myself or at least what is left of this mad hat sanity

I am somewhere else not where I am and lost in this daisy atmosphere.

The Meadow

Photo Credit: http://wallpaperstone.blogspot.com/2013/04/hd-wallpaper-meadow.html

I’m breathless, from running in the meadow deep∼while trying to distinguish the weeds from the trees

I’m panting, mouth open and pleading for more ∼so restless, still moving my tongue back and forth

I’m wanting, from wandering around in the snow∼licking my lips and savoring the cold

I’m falling, from slipping on rocks in the brook∼rubbing my thy up and down where it hurts

I’m confusing sleep with being awake∼fading in and out of dreams as the blood starts to seep.




If I saunter slowly under the moonlit sky will you stop me and swallow me whole?

Your sweet presence surrounds me squeezing away any hope I had of escaping

I love your warm lips and the feel of your kiss and the way your mouth explores my neck

I love your strong shoulders and tan, muscular chest and the way your hands fondle my breasts

Take me back, take me away, take these tears and fears and run with me to an unexpected place

If you take me under the moonlit sky, sweep me off my feet, stop me and swallow me whole

I will love your warm lips while they explore my neck and beg you to touch me some more.


Good-Bye, Beloved Night

I watched you kill me a thousand times in life∼before you actually made me die

and now I write to you from the other side∼to say good-bye, beloved Night.

Haunted by your frightening memory and the stormy passion we displayed

I’m now lost amidst the abyss of darkness that surrounds me day after day.

The black sky rains silver streaks of lightning and waves of regret

I look down at vivid colors∼the brilliant display is heaven unabated.

So you finally did it, succeeded in your scheme, but now, my thoughts of you have faded

from somewhere in-between I write to you, my killer∼to say good-bye, beloved Night.


Death Came Calling


Under the surface of the water she lifts her weary eyelids up and peers

at the sunlit streaming rays pouring through the waves into her soul.

She looks down at her bruised and beaten body-though quite useless at this point

As it lays on the ocean floor beneath.

Shewing the biting fish away she wonders why her spirit hasn’t departed

one way or the other…

Why this hesitation? Why did they leave her behind in the sea?

There are questions to ponder-but somewhere in the wonder

of being caught, in-between, is a revelation of life itself.

She turns and floats deeper into the murky water…

Death came calling but she did not answer.


Easily Amused

I am amused by my own cleverness~by these random thoughts turned into prose

Don’t stifle the drama and melancholy~holy words and yet perverse

I am amused by my own narcissism~by my ego that becomes a believer in…me?

Don’t make me stop and seek something else~for this is all I have, words to write, down in your soul.

I am amused by my own creative genius~by the gift I am to the literary world

Don’t tell me I’m wrong and it’s just not so~that I imagine these things, pull them out of the blue.

Make believe land is the place I call home because whatever I think~it has to be true!


The Lil’ Girl


There’s no talk of fairies here, my dear. Or of imaginary friends you seem to dream. There’s no flights of fancy or pretend tea time. Dolls sitting encircled about you enraptured by your words. For heaven’s sake! What are you, four?

Thunder claps and she jumps as lightning flashes under her cracked door. She’s crouched on her bed, holding her teddy, under her blanket, waiting for more.

What have you been writing there? A silly story about farm animals? Motioning toward her bed side table. I’m supposed to swoon and sway because it rhymes this time?

She looks over at the book beside her, hoping her mom doesn’t see. The little white Bible she treasures and hides. Talking to God and telling Him stories, they are mine! She thinks to herself. Wondering if He laughs at her too, thinking her a fool.

How can any little girl teach herself to read? Her mom opines. You can’t read and write already, someone must have taught you. Tell me whom it was that did this deed, teaching you to read.

I’m so tirrred, mommy, Can’t I just go to sleep? Or must you stand there hollering? I didn’t do anything deserving.

Reaching out she slaps the lil’ girl across the face. What is this white book? I’m taking it away. And her mom angrily stomps out the door.

She’ll get what she deserves, the lil’ girl thinks to herself. Maybe not today but another…