Drunk Poet


I wanted to drink you a poem, but I’ve had too much to write

I can’t remember the song to the words, and sure as hell can’t rhyme

I’m losing your grasp on reality, as if I had any grip-to begin…

Besides, the Lord says being drunk is a sin, but he’ll just have to forgive

and forget…cuz I’m a crazy poet.

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This blinking cursor and blank page is going to cause me rage My screaming, screeching parrot doesn't help anything either I'm going to lose it, it has to be over, just cover my mouth and disengage. Then there's the mouse who peeps and keeps running through my house The only answer coming to my brain is to take … Continue reading Blank


  Me, me, wanna be Fancy face and carefree Oh my, my- with my head held high Stiletto heels, showing off these thighs This lady dawned a party dress And I’ll bite your lips for much less Stuck on thoughts from a former life Hope you’re happy with your hapless wife No, no, no more … Continue reading Stiletto

Don’t read this!

Yes, my poems seem dark and dreary. One time I tried a happy verse but it didn’t seem to work.  The clouds blocked the sun, the earth began to shake.The time and space continuum collided and NASA locked me up. Then, the CIA got involved and called me a national threat. They flagged my email, … Continue reading Don’t read this!