Out the Window

I’m looking for myself today because I’m all alone* I glance out the window and think of my former home *Where have I gone, What have I done, I bend down and pick up a stone*He’s rejected me again, I’m pulling out my hair, will I ever learn? *The rain begins to fall and tempers start to flare*The sound of anger in his voice and his callous stare just breaks my heart and brings me tears*I’m looking for myself today because he decided not to love me and is no longer here.

#creative-writing, #literature, #loss, #love, #pain, #poetry


I want to start over and erase the past-and be everything to you that was supposed to last. You lay in our bed resting so sweet but it’s 3am and yet again, I can’t sleep. You are that sad love song I can’t get out of my head as I look back and remember what I did. Forgiveness is there yet far out of reach and I see a divide I just can’t breach-I need you so bad, body and soul. But you feel just out of reach for a woman in this hole. Just tell me how I can win you back-I’ll do anything in my power to make sure it’s forever.

#divorce, #loss, #love, #marriage, #regret, #sadness