Out the Window

I’m looking for myself today because I’m all alone* I glance out the window and think of my former home *Where have I gone, What have I done, I bend down and pick up a stone*He’s rejected me again, I’m pulling out my hair, will I ever learn? *The rain begins to fall and tempers start to flare*The sound of anger in his voice and his callous stare just breaks my heart and brings me tears*I’m looking for myself today because he decided not to love me and is no longer here.

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If I saunter slowly under the moonlit sky will you stop me and swallow me whole?

Your sweet presence surrounds me squeezing away any hope I had of escaping

I love your warm lips and the feel of your kiss and the way your mouth explores my neck

I love your strong shoulders and tan, muscular chest and the way your hands fondle my breasts

Take me back, take me away, take these tears and fears and run with me to an unexpected place

If you take me under the moonlit sky, sweep me off my feet, stop me and swallow me whole

I will love your warm lips while they explore my neck and beg you to touch me some more.


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I want to start over and erase the past-and be everything to you that was supposed to last. You lay in our bed resting so sweet but it’s 3am and yet again, I can’t sleep. You are that sad love song I can’t get out of my head as I look back and remember what I did. Forgiveness is there yet far out of reach and I see a divide I just can’t breach-I need you so bad, body and soul. But you feel just out of reach for a woman in this hole. Just tell me how I can win you back-I’ll do anything in my power to make sure it’s forever.

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Frozen Frame


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She envies me the way I play not wanting to give anything away

Her soul knows no bounds and I rest in that fact as I study her every day

Big green eyes with specks of hazel high cheek bones etched as stone

She kneels by the water peering in I wonder what she’s thinking- lost and crazed.

Some former lover have her attention? A personal tragedy making her dazed?

Her frame is worn by weather and time but still I find her being sublime

All the experience, all the things she’s seen..I want to pry it from her fixed eyes

Tell me a story of time gone by, new buildings birthed and old ones brought down.

Couples falling in love and giving birth, the aging families she’s watched as she lounges in the park.

I suppose we’ll leave details for another day because, yet again, she gives nothing away.


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Cranberry Lips

red lipstick

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 Cranberry lips leave a thin line around the rim

He doesn’t remove it- thinks it’s hot and I’m fine

Wet lips explore his mouth and he tastes me like sweet candy

Relishing the intimate moments we’re daring to share

In the quiet of the moonlight we take our time to touch

To feel his large hands cupping me it’s almost. too. much.

Love or lust? Does it matter? Do I care?

His dark eyes and warm tan body makes me want to sin

Suddenly we are skin to skin and my hand rubs up and down him.


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He kisses me as the morning dew Kisses the tulipsGracefully and lightly-Pureness of natureIt releases the emotionsIn his spiritHis strong arms surround meLike the sunEmbraces the green earth as it risesOver the horizonHis warmth covers me as the cloudsBlanket the birdsFlying high above existence and my feelingsSoar over mountainsReaching higher and further into spaceI explore depthMy beloved speaks to me with sweetnessAs honey dewEscaped from darkness and livingIn the dawn.

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Love is like a leaf blowing in the wind
Sometimes it’s strong enough to hold on
But sometimes it lets go and falls to the earth.

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