Daily Prompt: Sting

These broken wings smartly sting but if you listen closely they also sing Songs of sadness, songs of loss, songs that prevent me from paying the cost It must be paid! Wisdom cries out, searching for someone to take the blame. But I have suffered, I've been alone. What more do you want- to share … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Sting

Daily Prompt: Inhabit

via Daily Prompt: Inhabit I am inhabited by the words of your mouth Your mouth that inhabits and lingers in the air The air that surrounds and drowns out my fears My fears that resonate and inhabit these tears These tears on my face drip down to my lips My lips that part slightly and … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Inhabit


Have you looked back on an older poem you wrote and said, “What does this even mean?” That was me today. Lol.



He chopped at the log with the fury of a Greek God
The foggy mountain top he raised his head to gaze
Armed sufficiently when insincerity and indecency collide
His flaming head now full of dread and thinking that he’s dead
Damning thoughts they disappear the ax he swings relieved
Fully consumed with gratitude she lays him-freed, in the ground.


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This blinking cursor and blank page is going to cause me rage My screaming, screeching parrot doesn't help anything either I'm going to lose it, it has to be over, just cover my mouth and disengage. Then there's the mouse who peeps and keeps running through my house The only answer coming to my brain is to take … Continue reading Blank


  You will fall hard for me this night because a girl like me is impossible to find. Oh my, how you will get addicted to me-but I can hardly blame you. I'm a drug, a hallucinogen, a horrid habit you are hungry to have as your hands explore the soft curvature of my hips. Go ahead nurture your power to knead my nipples and breathe on them with fanciful whispers of hate and … Continue reading Frenzy


Bending down on my knees looking through the keyhole at their secretive display My curiosity overcoming any rational thinking as only Primitive Brain remains Erupting flames from their fire catch me off guard and I fall back with a thud-mouths frown Only slightly interrupted all I see is the red, curly hair on her head bobbing up and down Trying to … Continue reading Curiosity