Lost Daisy

I am somewhere else not where I am lost in this daisy atmosphere going up, up, up I was in a good place the other day but now I'm drifting away- too far, too much As if there were no gravity to hold my soul in place and it hurts as it's being torn out The bpd is getting the best of … Continue reading Lost Daisy

Daily Prompt, Unravel

Trying to unravel these ravings that ravish my mind tied up as they are in time The dirtiness abounds the cravings become and I try to behave like a normal being Mortal wounds flare up and push me down as I fondle these letters in my soft hands Unraveling feelings until raving and partying ravishes my mind warped in time.

Don’t read this!


Yes, my poems seem dark and dreary. One time I tried a happy verse but it didn’t seem to work.  The clouds blocked the sun, the earth began to shake.The time and space continuum collided and NASA locked me up. Then, the CIA got involved and called me a national threat. They flagged my email, spied on my journal and called the President. All the Heads of State met deciding what to do. They put me in orange, cuffed my hands and threw me in Gitmo. So, I no longer write the happy verse and have begun to curse. You should hear the words that came out-even the terrorists became afraid-and ran from this little blonde girl.

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  Me, me, wanna be Fancy face and carefree Oh my, my- with my head held high Stiletto heels, showing off these thighs This lady dawned a party dress And I’ll bite your lips for much less Stuck on thoughts from a former life Hope you’re happy with your hapless wife No, no, no more … Continue reading Stiletto

Cause and Effect

  Photo Credit: http://m.blog.daum.net/_blog/_m/articleView.do?blogid=03X1h&articleno=15222229 Blending memories with the weighted glare of her disconcerted eyes, I wonder... Was it my fault he left her for another woman as he gripped her son good-bye? The drama builds in my terminally odd mind filled with casual complacency From the ledge I look up at the lucky stars and feel regret rain down from the sky When suddenly … Continue reading Cause and Effect