Daily Prompt: Leaf

Love is like a crunchy leaf in the cooling temperatures of Fall Hanging on for dear life wanting, needing, trying to muster the call Suffering but gripping a branch in the powerful onslaught of relentless wind Sometimes true love can hold on-but sometimes the leaves girth isn't wide enough As it loses its grip, the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Leaf

Daily Prompt: Sting

These broken wings smartly sting but if you listen closely they also sing Songs of sadness, songs of loss, songs that prevent me from paying the cost It must be paid! Wisdom cries out, searching for someone to take the blame. But I have suffered, I've been alone. What more do you want- to share … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Sting

A Single Raven

O' why can't I get out of here! Is it comfort, malaise, or not knowing how to deal? I stare blankly into your eyes and you grasp me firmly in your arms- I scream, let me go! You look away and then turn back with tears- what story line have you dreamed up? This is … Continue reading A Single Raven

Out the Window

I'm looking for myself today because I'm all alone* I glance out the window and think of my former home *Where have I gone, What have I done, I bend down and pick up a stone*He's rejected me again, I'm pulling out my hair, will I ever learn? *The rain begins to fall and tempers … Continue reading Out the Window

Cranberry Lips

Cranberry lips leave a thin line around the rim He doesn’t remove it- thinks it’s hot and I’m fine Wet lips explore his mouth and he tastes me like sweet candy Relishing the intimate moments we’re daring to share In the quiet of the moonlight we take our time to touch To feel his large … Continue reading Cranberry Lips

Lost Daisy

I am somewhere else not where I am lost in this daisy atmosphere going up, up, up I was in a good place the other day but now I'm drifting away- too far, too much As if there were no gravity to hold my soul in place and it hurts as it's being torn out The bpd is getting the best of … Continue reading Lost Daisy