Daily Prompt, Unravel

Trying to unravel these ravings that ravish my mind tied up as they are in time

The dirtiness abounds the cravings become and I try to behave like a normal being

Mortal wounds flare up and push me down as I fondle these letters in my soft hands

Unraveling feelings until raving and partying ravishes my mind warped in time.

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She grips the pillow tightly like someone may come in the room and take it. Not the one under her strawberry blonde hair, of course, but the one her boyfriend lays on. It’s comforting this cold night. She listens to the low hum of the fan that’s constantly running and that steady droll makes her feel better. There’s a loneliness when the dark world has their eyes shut and you’re the only one awake.

Write something! Break this long, fucking dry spell of writer’s block-even if what comes out completely sucks. Your few fans may understand, being writers themselves. If they laugh at you-you’ll never know it! Hold that head high! Just remind them you’re a stoic poet with a slight sense of humor. And maybe they will come back and read more another day…

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Shameless Plug


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Thanks!                                                                                                                                            Katestrawberry

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Me, me, wanna be

Fancy face and carefree

Oh my, my- with my head held high

Stiletto heels, showing off these thighs

This lady dawned a party dress

And I’ll bite your lips for much less

Stuck on thoughts from a former life

Hope you’re happy with your hapless wife

No, no, no more strife

Mice in your pie! Feel my spite!

Police carried me to the Home

And they don’t let me loose to roam

Padded rooms and bolted doors

Shooting me up with metaphors

Literary genius I wanted to be

Birds slam the window, I’m not free.

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Cause and Effect



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Blending memories with the weighted glare of her disconcerted eyes, I wonder…

Was it my fault he left her for another woman as he gripped her son good-bye?

The drama builds in my terminally odd mind filled with casual complacency

From the ledge I look up at the lucky stars and feel regret rain down from the sky

When suddenly I turn around, it’s her.

As I tumble to my death, I let out a helpless cry.

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Free! Yet lives the land
An oyster blossoms, a pearl
Glistening cries the sand.

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Pouty Lips

It’s a beautiful day
It must be-but who knows.
I’m stuck behind a desk
Smacking my pouty lips.
The sun shines down 
The narrow way and way
Past the Zebra football field
And the sun thinks it knows best-
Where to go and what to do
Upon which elements to shine
Which elements to Shew!
Yes, whatever I please, she agrees.
A woman bounces into the office 
With this funny voice
Her name was Fanny, I grinned. (Betty Boop) How can I help you
My Fanny, today? Trying to hide my chagrinny.
Not my best improvisation 
Of a cute little poem
It seems-what do you think?
Did your mouth turn up or down? 


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